Case Studies Show The Effectiveness of Window Film For Commerical Buildings

Here at Fort Collins Window Tinting, we have seen the stellar results of our window tinting products first hand. Since we have experienced the results ourselves, we know window tinting is the perfect solution to a number of problems faced by commercial spaces here in Colorado and across the nation. We are further encouraged about the overwhelming effectiveness of the products we carry and install by the numerous success stories and the case studies done by our suppliers. Take, for instance, one such case study by Llumar.
Situation: Harry and David is a very famous mail order business. What most people don’t know is, Harry and David also have an iconic retail location in Medford, Oregon. After a renovation, the manager of the location had some major issues with the store’s 1,015 square feet of new skylights. The problem, believe it or not, was too much sunlight. As a result of the sun coming through the skylights, Harry and David’s fruit was ripening too quickly, and their famously delicious candy was melting. Additionally, the glare from the side windows was described by the client as “intense”.

Solution: It was pretty evident Harry and David’s Oregon location needed the help of window tinting and fast. After much research and consideration, they realized the heat and glare could be controlled with LLumar reflective solar control window film.

Result: Not only are the problems of melting merchandise gone, but a glare from the sunlight on the side windows has also disappeared. An added benefit: The temperature in the store is much more consistent and comfortable. Harry and David’s retail location is now enjoying their temperature controlled, glare free environment with additional the peace of mind that their product is guaranteed by Llumar.

Fort Collins Window Film: Colorado’s Window Film Expert

In Fort Collins, the best choice for window film installation to control the brutal glare from the Colorado sun and to keep your commercial space energy efficient is Fort Collins Window Tinting. We use only the finest window tinting products and installers that are certified by the manufacturer, so you know your investment is covered. We have been a leader in the window film industry in Colorado for nearly a decade and have the A+ BBB ratings to prove it. If you are considering window tinting and live in Fort Collins or anywhere along the front range, contact us today for a free in-home estimate and see the difference experience makes!