Going to work can be difficult in the days after a long weekend or holiday. Even if you love your job, even if you work for yourself on your own schedule, getting up and starting the routine of your work day can be a chore. A factor that can make going in each day to the building you work in, especially in Colorado, is the sun. At Fort Collins Window Tinting one on of the main reasons we get calls from people looking to apply window tint to their office properties is because they are looking to get rid of the glare of the sun. This problem is ubiquitous for commercial properties around the country. If you are wondering how to get shade from the intense Colorado sun or how to keep the glare out of your building, an inexpensive yet very effective solution is Sunlight Redirecting Window Film applied by us– Fort Collins Window Tinting. However, there are more benefits from window tint than just shade for your office.

Our Window Film solutions offer many money saving benefits

UV Protection: Window Film blocks up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays, this means the interiors of your home or office look great and last longer, allowing you to spend your profits on things besides new floors, drapes, and furnishings

Higher Productivity:
Sunlight redirecting window film actually redirects sunlight up to 40 ft into your workspace. This means less glare for those by windows and more light for those who sit deeper inside the building. Studies have shown correct and comfortable natural light leads to less absenteeism and higher productivity.

High ROI: The cost of window film is much, much lower than window replacement and relatively low compared to most home or office improvements. With the money you save on heating and cooling bills alone, your new window film will pay for itself in as little as five years.

Lower Utility Bills: Nearly all the hot and cold air you lose in your home or office space is from the windows. Treating your windows with film is equivalent to adding an entire pane of glass. More insulation from window film translates directly into more cash in your pocket each month.

Going to work will probably never be something you wake up and cheer about. However, little changes in your work environment can make a drastic difference in how you think about it. Our satisfied customers report an overall happiness increase in themselves and their workers after Fort Collins Window Tinting applies their window film. If you are looking for a solution for too much sun coming through your office or home windows, we can help! Contact us today to get started with a free consultation!