How Window Film Saves Money on Actual Energy Bills in Fort Collins

It’s pretty common knowledge that window films and tints save people money–enough to pay back your investment in less than three years in fact. Whether it is applied to a home or commercial building, this product is one that makes the indoor spaces we occupy every day a more comfortable place–while allowing you to put more money in the bank for other things. This relatively simple home improvement has proven itself to dollar for dollar be one of the most beneficial additions to a home. There are many ways window film saves Fort Collins homes and businesses money including:

  • Extending the life of furnishing by blocking UV rays
  • Protecting valuables from theft
  • Lowering medical costs by protecting skin and eyes from UV rays
  • Lower HVAC repair and replacement costs

However, savings right out of the gate is one of the biggest selling points for homeowners. If you are the type of person who wants to see real life savings before purchasing, we understand! So, below we have provided the actual before and after bills from our owners home so you can see first hand just how much of a difference it makes. Sufficed to say, after our owner saw the incredible savings for himself, he was so impressed he decided to get into the window tinting business himself!

Real Life Examples Of Window Film Savings

The reason our company exists today is that our company’s owner, Martin Faith, saw first hand the incredible savings he received from having window film applied to his own home. After that, he was convinced of the efficacy of window tinting and wanted in!

Here is a copy of his original utility bill–with an average daily cost $8.98

First, he tried lowering his average daily cost with Low-E windows. This worked fairly well–lowering the average daily cost of utilities to $6.55

However, look at his the savings from the first bill after he installed solar control window film. The average daily cost of utilities plummets to just $2.54!


Watch the video below to learn more about how window film saves you money!

As mentioned this is when he decided to start our company–after seeing a 30% reduction in heating and cooling costs on his own bills right out of the gate. Pretty convincing data that hopefully has you thinking too! Here at Fort Collins Window Tinting, we see the difference window film makes in our own lives and our customer’s lives daily, so if you need more information, feel free to contact us today!