No one likes to think of the world we live in as being unsafe. But the reality is that unexpected things sometimes do occur in life. Even in neighborhoods that would seem “safe” based on their appearance, housing costs, or school system, crimes still take place. When it comes to the safety of our children and public schools, we can’t afford to take chances.

School security guards are taught how to act in dangerous situations, like shootings, bomb threats, and other violent incidences, but there’s still only so much that human forces can do. That’s where bomb blast protection window film can help Fort Collins schools. Bomb blast protection window film adds an extra layer of security to schools that can help keep students safe, decrease the risk of injury, and aid security staff and teachers during emergencies.

What Are Bomb Blast Protection Films?

Bomb blast protection films, also referred to as fragment retention films, are a special type of security window film that’s designed to mitigate the impact from explosives. The films are made of a ultra strong sheet of polyester that is both tear resistant and super flexible. When impacted, the films retain tiny glass fragments that would otherwise be propelled forth from the blast, preventing glass related injury and damage to interior spaces.

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Benefits of Bomb Blast Protection Film for Schools

School safety is no joking matter. Time and time again we as a society have seen the devastation that can be caused to schools by just one individual with twisted intentions. In addition to human forces, schools also have to be cautious about other threats like severe hail storms, blizzards, vandalism, and break and enters. Having a security window film, whether it’s a bomb blast protection film or a standard glass strengthening film, can be incredibly beneficial for making school campuses safer.

Reduces risk of glass related injury – Bomb blast protection films secure glass shrapnel in place, preventing life threatening injuries and fatalities

Mitigates damage caused by accidents – A stray ball during PE class or sports practice or even a random accident can cause a window to shatter instantly. Bomb blast window film minimizes the extent of damage caused by accidents, protecting both people and school interiors.

Minimizes operation down times – With bomb blast protection window film, schools can minimize the damage from impact or accidents so that normal operations can resume in a timely manner.

Protect Your School with Bomb Blast Window Film

Don’t let your school become another statistic. Get the protection you need and call Fort Collins Window Tinting to have bomb blast protection film installed for your Fort Collins, Colorado school.