Keeping your property or school in good condition is important for making a positive impression. The last thing you want someone to see when they step into your building or bathroom is a scratched or marked up mirror. Not only is this a poor reflection of you as a property owner, but it can also put a bad taste in the mouth of your visitors. After all, no one wants to spend their time or money in a place that looks unsafe or unclean.

Unfortunately, the price to replace a mirror or get it resilvered can be quite expensive. Depending on the size and the age of the mirror, you can easily spend hundreds of dollars trying to fix the damage. And then there’s no guarantee that the same thing won’t happen again in the future and once again, you’ll be dealing with a marked up or damaged mirror.

Installing Mirror Shield window film for your Fort Collins property is the perfect solution. Mirror Shield window films can easily conceal all types of damages in your mirror and save you tons of money on replacement.

How Mirror Shield Window Film Works

Mirror Shield is a special type of window film that’s created exactly for the purpose of refurbishing mirrors. The film is designed to resemble the shiny, reflective appearance of a mirror so that it camouflages in discreetly with its surroundings. The film is made of a very thick sheet of laminate that cannot be seen through, so it easily conceals marker, paint, and scratches. Once installed in place, the film covers up all existing damage and also deters future vandalism by creating a protective shield.

anti graffiiti film fort collins

Applications for Mirror Shield Window Film in Fort Collins

Mirror Shield Window Film can be installed on nearly any shape, size, or location of mirror. However, in Fort Collins, some of the places we most commonly install this film include:
-Restaurants, hotels, and bars
-Schools, colleges, and universities
Office buildings
-Clothing shops, malls, and retail stores
-Museums, libraries, and more

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