We all know the stories of Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook. But this past year has brought a fresh reminder that the safety of our public schools is a fragile thing. Even in this day and age, when we are more prepared than we have ever been, violence still occurs on school campuses. We have seen this sad reality manifest itself several times this year, including the incidences in Florida, Maryland, California, and Texas.

Though Fort Collins is considered a relatively safe city, it’s still important for school administrators and staff to be cautious when it comes to security matters. After all, violence usually occurs without much rhyme or reason, and safe and affluent communities are no exception.

One of the best ways to enhance school security is with safety and security window film. Fort Collins schools can install security window film to strengthen the weak or vulnerable areas of their campus and reduce the risk of accident, injury, or damage.

How Security Window Film Protects Schools

Security window film is created from a tear resistant polyester material. It is completely transparent, so it’s difficult to detect once it’s installed since the film blends in with the normal appearance of glass. It’s job is to strengthen glass and retain broken glass pieces once a window has been shattered.

There are varying degrees of security window film, each of which has a different purpose. Some films are designed to deter intruders and mitigate damage from accidents. Others are more advanced and are intended for the purpose of minimizing impact from blasts, gunfire, and explosions.

For schools, these window films can be extremely advantageous to have. They can help prevent a window from shattering from a stray football during PE class and they can also protect schools from being broken into after hours. During emergencies, these films can also help shield staff and students from extremely dangerous situations and people.

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3 Reasons Why Security Window Film Is a Smart Investment

From preschools and day care facilities to high schools, colleges, and universities, security window film is a smart investment for Fort Collins schools of all types and sizes. In fact, there are many reasons to invest in security window film. Here are a few:

1. Accident mitigation – Window film mitigates damage caused by random accidents and events such as bird strikes, baseballs, construction equipment, and wayward science experiments.

2. Disaster protection – Schools are high risk for robberies, blasts, shootings, and other serious dangers. Window film can help keep staff, students, and teachers safe during emergencies.

3. Affordability – Window film offers a more affordable alternative to expensive bulletproof glass.

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