According to statistics, approximately 2,000,000 residential burglaries are reported each year in the United States. As a homeowner, there are few things more frightening or concerning than the idea of a stranger being in your home when you’re away and having access to all of your valuables and personal belongings. Furthermore, if you have children or pets who are at home when someone breaks in, their safety can also be put in jeopardy.

Homeowners in Longmont can use security window film to help prevent break ins from happening. Not only are security window films an affordable and effective way to keep intruders out of your home, but they can also provide many additional benefits for your family, protecting your loved ones’ health and happiness.

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Three Convincing Reasons Longmont Homeowners Should Consider Security Window Film

On the fence about the best way to protect your home? Here’s three convincing reasons why Longmont homeowners should consider security window film:

1. Crime rates are significantly high in Longmont, Colorado.
The crime rate in Longmont, Colorado is higher than 75% of US cities. This means that homes in Longmont are a considerably greater risk of being broken into. Besides breaking into a home through the front door, windows are the second most common way that intruders gain access to a home.

2. Security window film offers comprehensive protection.
While most security window films are used for break in prevention, there are also many additional safety benefits of installing security window film. Security window film can be used to reinforce glass that’s near pool or shower areas where people can easily slip and fall and it can also protect your furniture from being damaged in case one of your kids accidentally sends a baseball or football through one of your windows.

3. Security window films diminish the presence of uv rays.
UV rays are a silent threat that most people don’t think about but they are extremely detrimental to human health. Uv rays are the leading cause of skin cancer and also contribute to the onset of many other illnesses such as corneal damage and immune system oppression. Window film is recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation for its uv blocking effectiveness.

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