The Flaws with Traditional Home Insulation

It’s just the start of the winter here in Colorado, and the snow has already started to come down heavy. With the high altitude and mountain environment, Fort Collins residents from Woodridge to Fossil Lake often find their energy bills soaring up during the freezing cold winter months.

You may already have traditional forms of insulation in your home, like foam boards with insulating spray or yellow fiberglass batting in your walls, attic, or roof. Something you may not have previously considered insulating your windows. Untreated windows can lose up to thirty times as much heat as traditionally insulated surfaces. 3MThinsulate Window Film is now available through Fort Collins Window Tinting, a trusted provider of window film related services in Colorado.

How does 3M Thinsulate Window Film Work?

You may have chosen your home specifically because you love the giant windows that offer you lovely views of Cathy Fromme Prairie. These windows unfortunately may be a big source of additional heating bills in the winter. You may have considered adding double or triple pane windows to resolve the issue of high energy costs, but this can be a costly project itself. 3M Thinsulate Window Film help at a fraction of the cost.

Added Benefits of 3M Thinsulate Window Film

Not only does 3M Thinsulate Window Film insulate your windows from the cold winter season infamous in Colorado, it also reduces the effects of a strong high-altitude sun. You can enjoy the benefits of window film year round: in the summer, 3M Thinsulate window films help reduce sharp glares on especially sunny days as well as reflects the heat of the sun back away from your home. Harmful UV rays are also blocked by window film technology so that your furniture and upholstery are safe from fading and will last for years to come. 3M Thinsulate window film is highly transparent so that you can still enjoy views of Ft. Collins favorites like Horsetooth Reservoir.

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