The security measures within a government property are always comprehensive in order to safeguard building occupants, property valuables, and sensitive information. Even though many Fort Collins government buildings rely on security cameras, security systems, and security personnel in order to keep them safe, these precautions can fall short in numerous ways. In order to really make safety a priority for government buildings, finding extensive solutions that offer that crucial first line of defense is very important. Ballistic resistant window film provides the perfect security investment for government buildings

Advantages of Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Your Fort Collins Government Building

Ballistic resistant window film offers a vital preventative measure that acts as a passive security system that’s on 24/7. This unique security window film system safeguards against gunfire, burglaries, explosions, break-ins, freak accidents, and other high impact events. Ballistic resistant window film is engineered to absorb the impact of these high impact events so that broken glass stays bonded together. Broken glass is actually the leading cause of blast-related death and serious injury. By pacifying these hazards, government buildings can greatly reduce the risk of injury and death after a high impact event. Ballistic resistant window film also makes cleanup much easier, leading to minimized operational downtime.

Installation Process for Ballistic Resistant Window Film in Fort Collins Government Buildings

Fort Collins Window Tinting is happy to be the number one source for ballistic resistant window film. We specialize in high security properties, providing discretion and timely installation. Our team offers complimentary consultations as well as security assessments of your property. We utilize C-Bond glass strengthening agent in every window film project for the quickest cure times and best project longevity. Experience the best installations back with one-of-a-kind customer experience.

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