Malls have always been targets of theft and robberies. Making sure your Fort Collins mall is properly defended ensures that tenants decide to continue to rent retail space. Without the proper security, anyone could break in during the night and steal valuables from the numerous shops that are housed inside. In addition to security systems, mall security, and cameras, the best preventative measure for stopping robbers from entering your property is safety and security window film. Safety window film delivers the benefits you need without a high price tag or major installation.

Safety Window Film Advantages for Your Fort Collins Mall

Safety window film is an innovative security solution that works by bonding glass pieces together after impact. This prevents glass hazards from harming any building occupants as well as property valuables. Broken glass caused so much damage and increases the risk of serious injury. Safety window film provides comprehensive coverage against break-ins, burglaries, natural disasters, freak accidents, and more. Cleanup is also made much easier with safety window film– the glass remains in the frame, which in turn, minimizes operational downtime after any event that occurs. Safety window film often deters intruders and burglars since it makes gaining access to your property that much more difficult. The commotion and time it takes to actually break through is usually deterrence enough, leading criminals to target a different property.

Security Evaluation of Fort Collins Malls

Fort Collins Window Tinting is here to help you with of your security needs! We’ve worked with countless commercial properties to ensure optimal security is met. We provide security evaluations that learn about all of your needs and concerns, evaluating best product recommendations as well as cost-benefit analysis.

For more information regarding safety and security window film systems for your Fort Collins mall, please contact us!