Window Tinting Levels That Will Work For Your Fort Collins

When people come to us for window tinting specifically, it is almost always so they can find a way to block out excessive light and glare. Which makes sense since, here in Fort Collins, the high altitude sun is very bright. But, in order to get the most out of window tinting, it is important to consider other factors that you may want to address.

To choose the optimal window tinting for your Fort Collins home or office you should talk to us about:

  • The Level of privacy you want
  • The amount of light you want to let in
  • How much glare you get and which way your windows face (i.e. south, north, west, east)
  • Whether temperature control is an issue

Window Tinting In Fort Collins For Privacy

If privacy is an issue for your Fort Collins home or business–first of all– you are not alone! In instances like these, where privacy is pressing, you likely want a lower tint percentage on your window tinting. Bathrooms, bedrooms, ground floor office buildings are great examples of places privacy is key. Window films with a lower percentage of light transmission (40% and below) are darker and so they let in much less light while obscuring the view. If these tints are too dark for you to consider–a textured tint which will increase the percentage of light you let in while blocking people from seeing inside.

Window Tinting In Fort Collins To Control Light Levels

In commercial spaces like stores, event centers, and even restaurants, most owners want people to be able to see inside as to what is going on or what they are selling. But it doesn’t mean they want the full spectrum of the sun beaming in. So, sun control window tint with a 50%-70% level is perfect. It keeps the sun at bay while still allowing for some visibility of merchandise and interiors. It also is perfect for homes because it allows you to see outside clearly during the day or night because of the low reflectivity.

Glare Reducing Window Tinting For Fort Collins

Glare isn’t just annoying–it will outright stop your ability to work or use some rooms at some peak sun times of the day. Additionally, computer screens and TV screens cannot be seen when glare is bouncing off them. In these cases, sun control window tints are wonderful because they reduce glare but still allow in filtered natural light. Plus, they keep screens perfectly clear. These films are typically around 50%-80% tint level.

Window Tinting To Control Temperatures

For temperature control, you don’t need a very dark tint level. Which means when seeking to control the actual heat of the sun or loss of cold air in your Fort Collins home or office–heat control window tints are the best choice. The best part about these films, besides being energy efficient, is they are nearly invisible–a level of clarity around 80%-90%. They work as insulation to keep in heat and cold in and/or by reducing solar heat gain. Talk to us here at Fort Collins Window Tinting to find the best temperature control tint for your situation.

Window tinting will do so much for your FoCo home or office and add to the quality of your life. Contact us today for more information and pricing on home or commercial window tinting!