Elevators may seem like extremely durable property components but their metal surfaces can actually be easy to scratch and vandalize. Especially for elevators in hotels that are heavily used to transport people and baggage, the daily wear-and-tear can really cause significant surface damage and scratches. If your Fort Collins hotel elevator needs a makeover, it can definitely become a task put off due to the high recommissioning costs in addition to elevator downtime. Surface film presents the best option for addressing repairs without the high financial or time commitment.

Elevator Restoration with Surface Film for Fort Collins Hotels

Elevator restoration can easily be achieved through surface film. Metal Shield is a surface film that imitates the appearance of metal surfaces. By installing Metal Shield in your hotel elevator, you’ll notice incredible benefits including the complete concealment of previous damage. Surface film is a great way to hide existing damage while also defending your expensive surfaces from further damage. Metal Shield is durable enough to withstand graffiti, vandalism, and even acid etching. Unlike traditional repairs, installing surface film won’t require recommissioning costs or unknown downtime. Surface film is a sacrificial layer that’s easily removed and replaced by a professional window film contractor. Once damaged, simply call us for a quick replacement.

Work with Fort Collins’ Elevator Restoration Specialists

Fort Collins Window Tinting is proud to be the elevator restoration specialists serving hotels throughout the Fort Collins metro area. We’ve worked with several different commercial properties in their effort to reduce costs while improving aesthetics. Surface film can be applied to various metal surfaces in addition to glass, mirrors, and other smooth surfaces. Work with our team of specialists to find the best protection plan for your commercial property.

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