When it comes to the well being of your business, you can’t afford to take risks. This includes making sure that your office or commercial property is safe and secure at all times. If you don’t put the right safety measures in place, a number of things can go wrong, from slip and fall accidents to theft, vandalism, and worse.

That’s why C-Bond Window Film

C-Bond Window Film – What Is It & How It Works

Traditional security window films are designed for fragment retention. In other words, their main job is to keep broken glass in place once a window has shattered. Broken pieces cling to the sticky surface of the film and are sandwiched between durable sheets on polyester. However, what most security window films do not do is prevent breakage in the first place.

That’s what makes C-Bond Window Films different. Fort Collins buildings that can be classified as a “secured environment” need a higher level of protection than other properties. Banks, office buildings, data centers, and police stations are just some of the many properties that this applies to. Preventing entry and protecting occupants is the top priority, and C-Bond can help. C-Bond window films are a revolutionary technology because they actually prevent glass from shattering by strengthening it at the molecular level. With C-Bond, windows can withstand hammer blows, gun shots, and bomb blasts, and still stay in place for a considerable time.

C-Bond Benefits

By installing C-Bond for your Fort Collins property you can experience:

Quicker recovery times – Get back on your feet quicker after an accident or incident

Reduced liability – Eliminate workplace hazards by reinforcing glass near slip and fall areas

Improved security – C-Bond protects occupants and objects from intruders, extreme weather, hail, and more

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