We are lucky to have world-class hospitals here in Fort Collins which help our residents heal and thrive.  Yet one thing that could take the care-level up a notch in nearly any hospital including our own is privacy window film.  Privacy, you may not realize is a critical part of health care for patients, hospital workers, and visitors. Learn more about how decorative window film for privacy and design improves the functionality of hospitals and a stylish appearance.

  1. Privacy Window Film In Fort Collins Hospitals To Improve Patient Experience

When you are hurt and healing getting awkward glances into your area or room through your door or window is not tolerable.  Since a lot of patient rooms have glass windows or doors to make it easier for doctors and nurses to check on them–privacy becomes an issue. Observation from nurses and doctors is fine but people to wantonly glancing into your room certainly is not.  This is why decorative window film applied to the right areas of a patients room is such a powerful solution. Not only does it still allow for a doctor or nurse to have an idea of what is happening behind the films but provides plenty of cover against intrusive casual glances.

  1. Privacy Window Film In Fort Collins Hospitals To Aid Health Care Professionals

Even though hospitals are primarily concerned with patient care, there are other areas/departments that work behind the scenes to run everyday affairs.  Accounting and Human Resources are two key ones. Both of these departments deal with a lot of sensitive information on a regular basis. But, in a day and age where computers are used for everything–screen privacy is an issue.  This is where cloaking films for privacy work best. They make the day to day activities of these critical workers easier. Cloaking films blackout screens from the outside looking in. Which means HR and Accounting workers can do their job knowing those passing by cannot see the private information through their office or department windows.  

  1. Privacy Window Film In Fort Collins Hospitals To Improve Visitor’s Experience

Decorative window film is a great way to elevate the look of glass windows and doors in areas like:

  • Hospital cafeterias
  • Patient check-in
  • Inside Hospital Exam Rooms
  • Patient or family Waiting for areas
  • On glass windows and doors

 But is also a great way to clearly mark each area of a hospital.  This makes it easier for staff, patients and visitors to find their way to various areas. Meaning it is as useful as it is beautiful.

For more information on privacy window film for your Fort Collins hospital or healthcare facility contact us at Fort Collins Window Tinting for ideas and pricing.