They say summertime living is easy and while, for humans, it may be true, for birds summer can be rough.  That is because at this time of year we see a marked increase in bird collisions with windows. The reason for this is more daylight and more time for the sky to reflect on your Fort Collins home’s window and confuse birds.  You may not realize this but birds are unable to tell the difference between a window and the real world. Which is why over 2 billion birds per year die from accidentally hitting windows. But there is something you can do about it! Have bird strike prevention window film applied to your Fort Collins home.  This affordable and effective window film is something we here at Fort Collins Window Tinting both encourage and specialize in.

What Is Bird Strike Prevention Film?

Also known as “fretted films, birdstrike prevention films are a powerful way to lower instances of bird/window run-ins.  These films have tiny recurring pattern embedded directly into them. The pattern is both horizontal and vertical dots or lines.  For maximum impact, these dots or lines are spaced no more than two inches apart and vertical lines no more than four inches. This simple pattern alone is visible to birds and help birds avoid crashing into windows.  The patterns are scientifically proven to make the windows visible to birds. While fretted films save the countless bird lives–there are also many benefits for humans too!

Benefits Of Birdstrike Prevention Film For Your Fort Collins Home

It is proven that fretted films save birds from a gruesome death but they also benefit humans/homeowners.

  1. Fretted films stop window damage:  When a bird strikes a window–the window ultimately wins but many times the windows get damaged too.  At the very least you are left to deal with an ugly mess and clean up. However, windows often will crack. With bird strike prevention film will save you time, money and/or hassle from window repair, replacement, and cleaning.
  2. Fretted films are customizable: While bird strike prevention films are typically patterned with dots and lines,  you can also have a gorgeous custom pattern created as well. This means you enhance the look of your windows and save our fine feathered friends!
  3. Fretted films have many other window film benefits:  Of course, saving the lives of birds and keeping species from endangerment are great reasons to get fretted window film. But, bird strike window film also has many of the same benefits of regular window film: energy savings, increased security, and reduced fading of home furnishings for your Fort Collins home included.

For more information on bird strike window film and to help our avian friends, contact us at Fort Collins Window Tinting today!