What you may not know about us here at Fort Collins Window Tinting is that we are part of a larger family of companies called Scottish Window Tinting.  We have always been proud to be a sister company to Scottish and furthermore, had a sense of personal pride in everything we do–from serving our valued clients to giving back to our beloved Colorado community and even other communities around the world.  However, recently we received some recognition for all the hard work we have put in over the last decade that made our hearts swell! We were named one of 50 Colorado Companies to Watch in 2019 by the well-esteemed Cobiz magazine. This award is for Colorado-based companies that fuel our booming state economy and, it means a lot to us to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with so many other movers and shakers here.  It speaks volumes not only about who we are as a company but about our culture here at Scottish matching the values that make Colorado such a great place to live. To us, it also means the goals we set have slowly and painstakingly come to fruition–and that too is a reason to be incredibly proud. So how did we get to this point of affirmed success?  Well, there certainly was no cutting corners– that’s for sure. But to give you an idea about how it all started, let’s go back to the technology that changed our lives–window tinting.

The Humble Beginnings of Scottish Window Tinting

Over a decade ago, our owner, Martin Faith, took some advice from a friend in the window tinting industry and had window film applied to his home.  He was instantly amazed by the results of the film–from eliminating the need for A/C in the middle of the scorching Colorado summer to a drastic reduction in his utility bills.  Martin saw the potential for something as seemingly simple as window film to change consumers lives. Working from the foundation of knowing window film really worked, he founded Scottish Window Tinting the very next week.   He didn’t have a clear idea about how to sell the films or who to sell them too but Martin knew the products were good– he would figure it out. His instincts proved to be spot on and our single location company is now sending out Colorado-based installers to 25 other states. We didn’t set out to become number one but rather to fill a niche and sell something to consumers in Colorado we knew worked and made sense financially.  We did, however, set out to build our company on six core values:

  1. Give exceptional customer experience
  2. Provide excellent product offerings
  3. A Promise to do the right thing
  4. A desire to embrace growth and change
  5. A commitment to help each other succeed
  6. A love of working hard and having fun
  7. A mandate to always give back

To date, those core values are a huge part of what has driven our success. 

A Big Thank You From Scottish Window Tinting

As proud as we are to receive this award and for sticking to the values work, we are also thankful.  Thankful to the state of Colorado for giving us a place to thrive. Thankful to CoBiz for the recognition of our hard work.  And finally, thankful to all the customers we have served– both here in Colorado and nationwide–that trusted us enough to give us their hard-earned money.  We know we have done well by you and truly we could never have gotten so far without a fair amount of help from those we serve.