Window film is truly something any home can use. But like any good home improvement, window film comes at a price. Happily, window film is one of the least expensive home improvements with one of the biggest impacts. However, we understand how critical pricing is for the average homeowner. With so many home improvements to do–knowing about what you will be paying for something like window film is critical to your decision making. This is why we listed a good range of pricing for various home films below. We have found that most people live in the middle of these ranges when purchasing window films for their Fort Collins homes. See for yourself below.

Home WIndow Film Products And Pricing In Fort Collins

Glare Control Window Film 

This type of window film is what is called spectrally selective. This means it filters out certain rays to curb glare. You can expect to pay anywhere from $9- $18 for this type of film. But, you will probably find the mid to higher-priced films have significantly better optics than cheap films. We have found that films around the $15 range are great and about as beautiful as you can get with nearly full clarity. These films block heat transfer as well.

Energy Efficient Window Film

High utility bills usually are due to the windows in your Fort Collins home. The solution to this is a Low-E window film. These films stop heat from transferring through the glass into your home in the summer. In the winter they keep heated air in. The most effective films run in the $20-$24 range and pay for themselves with energy savings in about three years.

Decorative Films

These types of beautiful films are big in home decor right now. Whether for adding a beautiful bright pattern to an otherwise boring room or to block clutter behind glass cabinet doors–decorative films fill several roles. They come in a huge variety of colors, designs, and textures and some mimic the look of textured glass almost exactly. These films usually run about from $6-12/sq ft. For home use, you will pay about $10 s/f for a good decorative film. You also can find DIY window films for under $5 p/SF but remember–these can be difficult to apply. Also, these types of cheaper films won’t last as long as professional films.

Now that you know the average costs for window films for your Fort Collins home, contact us at Fort Collins Window Tinting! We will get you scheduled for a precise estimate today!