One could argue that this is one of the most difficult times to run a business. Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 every business and industry has been impacted in some way. Many Fort Collins organizations are completely shut down, while others remain in partial or full operation, leaving people jobless or nervous of working conditions. If you own or run a business, you understand how difficult it is to enforce safety procedures and provide a safe environment for the Fort Collins Community. We are here to tell you that with the right tools, a safe business operation can be achieved at a low cost. Our New social distancing graphics can provide any Fort Collins business with clear warning signs, procedures, and reminders, to allow your business safe operation as usual. Social distancing graphics can help keep your employees and customers safe, slow the spread of COVID-19 in the Fort Collins community, and protect your business from liability.

Give Your Fort Collins Business an Advantage

Any business in current operation, or business looking to open their doors again, will need to ensure they follow every mandated safety procedure issued by their local or federal government. As times goes on, these procedures will be altered and changed given the current circumstances, and it will be up to the business owners to adapt. Our social distancing and safety graphics will give your business the competitive edge of quickly complying with changing standards. Our team of professionals can seamlessly install and remove graphics from from virtually any surface. Some examples include wood, metal, concrete, glass, carpet, and so much more. Installations are quick and inexpensive, not to mention that the graphics can be customized to suit any need. Social distancing graphics may just be the most cost effective way to protect our Fort Collins community, comply with mandated safety regulations, and limit any future liability.

Bathroom, Hand Washing Reminders:


Aisle and Directional Graphics:

Comply with safety procedures by clearly directing foot traffic throughout the facility.

Check-Out Line Graphics:

Clearly appropriate proper social distancing guidelines at check out stations.

Door Graphics:

Install caution signs for mandatory mask areas and other reminders/ warnings.


Have Colorado’s Preferred Surface Graphic Experts Work For You.

Fort Collins Window Tinting is dedicated to slowing the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Because of this, we are offering free virtual consultation and maintaining full operation during normal business hours. If your Fort Collins organization is having trouble enforcing mandated safety procedures, we would be happy to tailor a specific safety plan for your exact needs. Contact us now to help protect our Fort Collins community and protect your organization.

For more information on social distancing surface graphics, please contact us!