2020 has completely changed the way we live and made us rethink our daily routines. With everything going on currently, one of the things that may come to mind for Fort Collins businesses is implementing better security measures. In order to ensure your commercial property is completely protected from the new unknown threats, it’s important to consider the most vulnerable areas of your business– the glass windows and doors. There are actually very limited options when it comes to protecting your existing glass. Ballistic resistant security film offers significant benefits for keeping your business safe right in time as we begin to reopen.

The Benefits of Ballistic Resistant Security Film for Your Fort Collins Business

  1. Ballistic resistance:¬†Unlike any other window film on the market, ballistic resistant window film offers the added benefit of ballistic resistance for gunfire. While bulletproof glass and window film doesn’t exist, this is the closest option you’ll be able to find. This provides better peace of mind, especially with today’s events.
  2. Extensive security features: Ballistic resistant security film provides extensive protection against vandalism, break-ins, burglaries, looting, smash-and-grabs, severe weather, natural disasters, freak accidents, and even explosions. Gain high impact resistance for the weakest areas of your property.
  3. Glass hazard prevention: By bonding glass fragments together after an impact, this mitigates glass hazards which are the leading cause of considerable injury and blast-related death. Cleanup after an event is also safer and easier.

Work with Fort Collins’ Preferred Ballistic Resistant Security Film Specialists

Fort Collins Window Tinting is honored to be the preferred ballistic resistant security film specialists serving the Northern Colorado area. Our team is available for both in-person appointments and virtual consultations. We always provide in-depth security assessments to help you make the best decisions.

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