One environmental issue that doesn’t get enough attention are bird strikes. Bird strikes happen when birds unknowingly fly into glass. They are often the result of city expansion and the development of high rise buildings in areas that were formerly the birds’ natural habitats. They are a serious, but often over-looked issue that has led to the death of millions of birds.

Fortunately, however, architects have been coming up with new ways to keep birds away from windows and prevent glass collisions. One of these solutions is bird safety film.

Below, our Fort Collins experts explain the benefits of bird safety window film and how it acts as a bird collision deterrence.

bird strike prevention window film ft collins

Why Do Birds Fly into Windows?

Birds fly into windows unknowingly. They mistake the reflections in the glass as being part of the actual environment surrounding them. To birds, reflections of tree branches and sky look no different than the real thing.

In some cases, a bird will fly into a window as an act of territorial aggression. Birds do this when they see their reflection and mistake it as being another bird. They attempt to attack the “other bird” to ward him off, and end up flying into the glass.

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How Bird Window Tape Can Prevent Glass Collisions

One of the best methods for keeping birds away from windows and preventing glass collisions is to install bird window tape. Fort Collins home and business owners can order these films from a local window tinting company who can provide professional installation.

Bird window tape, or bird safety film, is a special type of adhesive laminate that warns birds about the presence of glass. Horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, perforations, or patterns provide visual cues that help birds understand that there’s a physical barrier in front of them. These designs also help distort reflections so that they’re not as clear and misleading. Changing the appearance of windows in this manner helps prevent glass collisions.

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