Birds are sweet, innocent creatures. We enjoy their songs and their graceful movements through air. Yet we’re killing them because of the way we live. Though we depend on them, our buildings are death traps for birds and as cities grow, the problem’s getting worse.
The number of birds that die in glass collisions each year is astonishing. It’s estimated that every American home kills about two birds per year. While this may not seem like a shocking number at first glance, you have to consider how many homes there are in the country. Then, add the number of commercial and industrial buildings to the sum.

The American Bird Conservancy estimates that approximately one billion birds die each year due to glass collisions. And these tragic deaths are happening right here in our hometown of Fort Collins too. Here, we discuss how to keep birds away from windows by installing a bird safety film.

bird strike prevention window film ft collins

What Causes Bird Collisions?

Bird collisions happen when a bird mistakenly flies into a window. These accidents are usually caused by the reflective nature of the glass. Birds can’t tell the difference between reflections and their true surroundings. So they fly into windows, mistaking reflections as landing spots, sky, or, sometimes, other birds.

How to Prevent Birds from Hitting Windows

The issue of bird collisions isn’t a problem that’s going to stop on it’s own. Us humans are going to have to intervene in some way and lending a helping hand to our feathered friends. So, how can we prevent birds from hitting windows?

Bird Safety Film

One of the best ways to keep birds away from windows is to install bird safety film. Fort Collins residents can order these films from a local company who installs window film and have them professionally attached to their windows.

Bird safety films are great because they keep birds from hitting glass, but they don’t reduce light transmission or block films. The films are made with subtle patterns, like stripes, dots, or punched out holes, that catch bird’s attention and help them see glass as they’re flying towards it. That way, they can see that something is clearly blocking their way and know to fly in another direction.

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Do Your Part to Protect Birds

Help keep birds safe in Fort Collins. Order bird safety film by calling our office today.