In the past few years, Fort Collins is growing fast. As such, the city is getting increasingly crowded. In fact, you may notice more people passing by your home and new houses being built closer together. Meaning you or someone you know likely has one window they just wish had a bit more coverage for. Blinds or curtains work but natural light and views. This is why decorative window film is perfect for getting the home privacy you need without sacrificing natural light. But, we have noticed some windows need it more than others/ Read below to find out which home windows are best for decorative window film.

Top Windows For Home Privacy Tinting

  1. Bathroom Windows:  Your bathroom is, as you know, the only place you can get a little time to yourself. Making window film, which blocks the views from passersby and neighbors, so very practical in bathrooms!
  2. Sidelight Windows:  These windows which sit on either side of your front door are excellent for natural light. They are also stylish. But they invite the eyes of whoever walks onto your front porch into your Fort Collins home. Window film comes in etched glass looking patterns so it is the perfect (and affordable) solution to porch front privacy.
  3. Door Windows: Window film for privacy on the window(s) of your front door is a simple solution to keeping unwanted views out. Even better– since window film also adds security to door windows by making them harder to break–they are also a good way to prevent home burglary

These are the areas we install privacy window film consistently. But it really is an excellent fix for any glass surface you need to be covered for privacy: bedrooms, basements, kitchens too! For more information on privacy window patterns and pricing–contact us today!