Protect Your Business from Glass Breakage with Huper Optik Security Window Film

Chances are, even if you have all of the standard security systems - alarms, industrial locks, and surveillance cameras - your building is still at risk. Why? Because none of these guard the most vulnerable area of your building -…

Keeping Your Home Safe From Severe Weather with 3M Security Window Film

Here in Fort Collins, extreme weather is always a concern.  True it is beautiful and sunny most of the time but when things turn the weather can be downright dangerous.  For this reason, 3M window film (which protects windows from…

How Long Does Bomb Blast Window Film Last?

When it comes to finding the best ways to invest your money for security, there are so many different options that your commercial property can look into. While active security measures are definitely important for a wide range of different…

3 Reasons Window Film Is a Smart Solution for your Fort Collins Hotel

The to-do list of a hotel manager is never ending. One minute, you're trying to console a frenzied guest who's complaining about the state of their room, and the next, you're trying to deal with emergency repairs, employee's who've called…

How Much Does It Cost to Tint Home Windows?

January 13, 2020 Aggrigate, Window Film Pricing

Window film is truly something any home can use. But like any good home improvement, window film comes at a price. Happily, window film is one of the least expensive home improvements with one of the biggest impacts. However, we…

Does Window Tint Reduce UV Rays?

UV damage can happen to anything exposed to direct sunlight. Homeowners and business owners may have noticed this unfortunate fact from faded floors, discolored upholstering, warped art, impacted merchandise, and more. Harmful UV rays impact any valuables even if they're…

What Is Dual-Reflective Window Film?

A lot of us like being able to relax in our homes and look out our windows. Our modern lifestyles require us to spend so much time inside, so it's nice to be able to have access to the outdoors.…


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